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Ball clay is highly plastic, which means it can be easily shaped and molded. This property is essential in the production of ceramic tiles, allowing manufacturers to create various shapes, sizes, and designs.

Ball clay is often a primary component in the formulation of the ceramic tile body. It is mixed with other types of clays, minerals, and additives to create a stable and workable ceramic mixture

During the drying and firing processes, ball clay helps control the shrinkage of the ceramic body. This ensures that tiles maintain their intended dimensions and do not warp or crack.


Ball clay is used in glaze formulations for tiles. When applied and fired, the glaze provides a smooth and glossy surface finish, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the tiles. The glaze also makes the tiles easy to clean.

  • Plasticity: Ball clay is highly prized for its plasticity, which means it can be easily molded and shaped during the production of sanitaryware. This property allows manufacturers to create intricate and detailed designs.

  • Shrinkage Control: Ball clay helps control the shrinkage of ceramic bodies during the drying and firing processes. This is essential for ensuring that sanitaryware products maintain their intended shape and dimensions.

  • Smooth and Glossy Finish: Ball clay is often included in glaze formulations for sanitaryware. When applied and fired onto the ceramic body, the glaze provides a smooth and glossy surface finish that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to clean and maintain.

  • Color and Aesthetic Variation: Ball clay can influence the color and appearance of the glaze, allowing manufacturers to achieve a wide range of colors and textures to meet market preferences.

Firing Stability: Ball clay contributes to the stability of the sanitaryware during the firing process. It helps prevent cracking or warping, ensuring that the final product meets quality standards.

Surface Imperfection Reduction: Ball clay can help reduce surface imperfections such as pinholes, blistering, or crazing in the finished sanitaryware.

Ball clay is a key ingredient in the production of ceramic insulators. It is mixed with other types of clay, minerals, and additives to create a ceramic body that has the desired electrical and mechanical properties.

Ball clay-based ceramic insulators are valued for their high electrical insulation properties. They can effectively prevent the flow of electric current, making them essential components in electrical systems to isolate conductive parts from each other.

Ball clay contributes to the mechanical strength of ceramic insulators. These insulators need to withstand various mechanical stresses, such as wind, vibration, and thermal expansion and contraction, especially in outdoor applications.

Ball clay ceramics used in insulators are often formulated to be highly resistant to environmental factors like moisture, UV radiation, and pollution. This helps maintain their electrical performance over time.

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